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Police Department

Greetings to the citizens of Pine Bluff. I am happy to serve our community as the head of public safety. It is our mission to provide quality police quality police service to our community by promoting a safe environment through police and citizen interaction, with an emphasis on service, integrity, respect and honor.

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Interim Chief: Lloyd Franklin

Tel: (870) 730-2080

Police Department Policies & Procedures

Chapter I

POL-0100 (Reporting for Duty)

POL-0101 - Reports

POL-0102 - Overtime Management

POL-0104 - Off Duty Employment

POL-0105 - 14 Day Work Period Established

POL-0106 - Take Home Vehicles

POL-0107 - Inventory Control

POL-0108 - Telephone Reporting Unit

POL-0109 -Cmd Auth

POL-0110 - Uniform & Equipment

POL-0111 - Grooming

POL-0112 - Jurisdiction

POL-0113 - Radio Procedures

POL-0116 - Cellular Telephones

POL-0117 - ACIC Computer Policy

POL-0118 - Computer Security

POL-0119 - Personal Property & Equipment

POL-0120 - Residency & Telephone Requirements

POL-0121 - Personal Mailing Address

POL-0130 - Court Procedures

Chapter II

POL-0200 - Patrol Functions

POL-0201 - Missing Persons

POL-0205 - Response Outside of Jurisdiction

POL-0210 - Patrol Response to Criminal Inves

POL-0211 - Bomb Calls-Bomb Threats

POL-0212 - Police Response to Bank Alarms

POL-0213 - Response to False Alarms

POL-0216 - Hostage-Barracaded Subject

POL-0220 - Police Vehicle-Maintenance

POL-0220 - Vehicle Check List

POL-0221 - Property-Departmental

POL-0230 - Police Vehicle-Emergency Operation

POL-0231 - Police Vehicle-Pursuit Driving

POL-0240 - Digital Mobile Video Recording

POL-0250 - Search-Person

POL-0251 - Strip & Cavity Search

POL-0252 - Physical Restraints

POL-0260 - Towing & Storage of Vehicles

POL-0270 - Police Victim Assistance

POL-0271 - Injured-Sick Persons

Chapter III

POL-0300 - Major Crime Scenes

POL-0305 - Interrogations & Confessions

POL-0306 - Layered Voice Analysis

POL-0310 - Investigating Sexual Assault

POL-0350 - Obtaining Search Warrants

POL-0351 - Executing Search Warrant

POL-0352 - Search Motor Vehicle

POL-0360 - Confidential Monies

POL-0361 - Confidential Informants

Chapter IV

POL-0400 - Enforcement-Traffic

POL-0401 - Enforcement-Speed

POL-0402 - Alcohol Countermeasures Program

POL-0403 -Vehicle Safety Checkpoint

POL-0404 -Sobriety Checkpoint-Road Block

POL-0405 - Stopping a Known or Suspected Felon

POL-0406 - Drug Recognition Expert

POL-0410 - Investigation-Motor Vehicle Accident

POL-0420 - Handicapped Parking

Chapter V

POL-0500 - Firearms-Authorization

POL-0505 -Firearms-Training & Qualification

POL-0510- - Electronic Restraint Device -Taser

POL-0550 - Use of Force-5-7-08

POL-0555 - O.C. Spray

Chapter VI

POL-0600 - Community Relations

POL-0605 - Ride Along Program

POL-0610 - Police Media Relations

Chapter VII

POL-0700 - Training Goals

POL-0701 - Training Requirements

POL-0702 - Use of Training Center

POL-0750 - Psychological & Physical Exam

POL-0751 - Probationary Period

POL-0780 - Field Training Officer

POL-0790 - Auxiliary Officer Force

Chapter VIII

POL-0850 - Crime Analysis

Chapter IX

POL-0900 - Property - Evidence

POL-0910 - Property Disposal

Chapter X

POL-1000 - FTA & Time Pay

POL-1001 - Juv Arrest & Release

POL-1002 - Arrest & Release-Youthful Offenders

POL-1003 - Arrest & Release-Adults

POL-1050 - Transporting Arrested Persons

POL-1055 - Transporting Mental Patients

Chapter XI

POL-1100 - Standards of Conduct

POL-1101 - Political Activity

POL-1104 - Biased Law Enforcement Practice

POL-1106 - Impartiality

POL-1111 - Observance of Criminal & Ci

POL-1115 - Employees Right of Inspection

Chapter XII

POL-1200 - Office Of Professional Standards

POL-1201 - Administrative Leave

POL-1205 - Polygraph Examinations

POL-1206 - Psychological & Physical Examination

POL-1210 - Disciplinary Procedures

POL-1215 - Neglect of Duty

POL-1220 - Grievance Procedures

POL-1250 - Police Offenses-Disciplinary

POL-1251 - Insubordination

POL-1290 - Department Awards & Recognition