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Pine Bluff Urban Renewal Agency


About Pine Bluff Urban Renewal Agency 

The Pine Bluff Urban Renewal Agency (PBURA) was formed on August 7, 2017, by a unanimous vote of the Pine Bluff City Council. The PBURA is composed of five commissioners who are appointed by the Mayor with confirmation by the City Council.

The PBURA will receive private and public funding for their efforts to remove blight and acquiring real estate for advancing and/or affecting a redevelopment project or urban renewal project.

Pine Bluff Urban Renewal Agency Bylaws

Section 1. The name of this urban renewal agency shall be the “Pine Bluff Urban
Renewal Agency” as established by Resolution 4041 of the Pine Bluff City Council on
August 7, 2017, and hereafter referred to as the “Agency.”
Section 2. These Bylaws are the official Bylaws of the Pine Bluff Urban Renewal
Agency and supersede previously adopted Bylaws.
Section 3. The purposes of these Bylaws are to establish rules and procedures
necessary to carry out the purpose and duties of this Agency, as set forth in the A.C.A.
Section 14-169-709 (as amended).

PBURA By-laws

PBURA Proposed Urban Renewal Plan

Agenda 2.28.23

Minutes 2.28.23

Agenda 2.7.23

Minutes 2.7.23

Agenda 1.24.23

Minutes 1.24.23

Agenda 02.15.2022

Minutes 2.15.2022

Agenda 6.15.2021

Minutes 6.15.2021

Agenda 5.18.2021

Minutes 5.18.2021

PRURA Plan Amended and Approved 04.20.21

Agenda 4.20.2021

Minutes 4.20.2021

Summary of Public Comments

Public Meetings Comment Summary

PBURA Plan approved by PBCC 5-21-18

Re-Live Downtown Plan

Urban Renewal Agency Executive Director

Griffin head shot (002).jpg

Chandra Griffin, Interim Executive Director




Jimmy Dill, Chair

Lynns Head Shot 2021 (002) (002).jpg


Lynn Guynn


Travis Martin

Lloyd Franklin Sr July 2019 crop (002).jpg

Lloyd Franklin, Sr.


Kirby Mouser