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City Property

City Owned Property

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The City of Pine Bluff is liquidating city owned properties. These properties can be bid on following the procedures found in Sec 2-6 of the City of Pine Bluff Code of Ordinances.

  • Sec. 2-6. - Procedures regarding offers for city-owned property.
    (a) All offers to purchase city-owned property (except as provided in subsection (k)):

    (1) Must be printed or in legible writing;

    (2) Identify the property which is desired by street address and Jefferson County parcel number;

    (3) Set forth the amount offered for each parcel included in the offer (an offer or bid amount must be consistent with the fair market value of the property or justify a deviation from market value);

    (4) Set forth the name, address, telephone number, and email address (if available) of the party submitting the offer;

    (5) Signed by the party submitting the offer;

    (6) Acknowledge that all conveyances from the city to the bidder will be by quitclaim deed (a bidder desiring a warranty deed is responsible for securing title insurance covering the city).

    (b) All offers must be submitted to the city clerk's office, 200 E. 8 th Avenue, Suite 202, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601. An offer which is not in compliance with the requirements of this section will be returned to the bidder with the deficiencies noted so as to afford the bidder an opportunity to make corrections.

    (c) The clerk will maintain a written record of offers received in the office, making note of the date and time received, the identity of the bidder, address and parcel number of the property, and amount of the offer.

    (d) An offer submitted to the clerk's office which complies with all requirements and after being recorded, will be forwarded to the director of the inspection department. The inspection department shall research city and county records to ensure:

    (1) The city is the record owner of the property;

    (2) That the property is not managed by another city department with plans for future use;

    (3) That the property is not the site of a city facility;

    (4) That the property is eligible for sale; and

    (5) Confirm that the bid or offer submitted is consistent with fair market value by comparison to the fair market value of surrounding properties, and attaching supporting documentation from the county assessor's office regarding the value of the property.

    (e) The inspection department will submit a written report to the mayor's office within fifteen (15) business days after its receipt of the offer from the clerk's office, containing a copy of the offer and its research regarding the property and supporting documentation.

    (f) The mayor's office should review the inspection department's report and submit it to the city council's development and planning committee for its consideration. The development and planning committee will make a counteroffer made. If the committee recommends the offer be accepted, the city attorney's office will prepare the necessary resolution for council approval authorizing the sale. If the committee determines the bid should be rejected or a counteroffer made, it will instruct the director of the inspection department to notify the bidder of its recommendation. In its consideration of an offer, the committee will take into account all relevant factors, including the assessed value of the property, the fair market value of the property and surrounding properties; the costs of continued city maintenance; any potential tax revenue from the sale; and what the bidder proposes to do with the property.

    (g) Once a resolution is passed by the city council authorized the sale and conveyance of the property, the mayor or mayor' designee will notify in writing the bidder that the bidder's offer has been accepted for the property and enclose a copy of the resolution approving the sale, as well as other directions for payment of the consideration offered for the property.

    (h) Payment for the property must be made in the city collector's office. The purchaser is responsible for procuring a receipt evidencing payment providing a copy thereof to the inspection department. The inspection department will notify the city attorney's office that the consideration for the property has been paid, and the city attorney will prepare a quitclaim deed conveying the property to the purchaser, or purchaser's designee, and submit the deed to the mayor and city clerk for their respective signatures.

    (i) The fully executed quitclaim deed will be delivered to the purchaser by hand delivery or mail. The purchaser must record the deed with the Jefferson County Deed Recorder within thirty (30) days of delivery. Should a purchase not record the deed in timely fashion, the city has the right to record the deed and charge the purchaser for the costs thereof.

    (j) The enactment of this procedure for submitting offers or bids for city property does not constitute, or should be considered, as an acceptance of any offer received for a property, or as a solicitation of an offer for the purchase of a city property. The city reserves the right to reject an offer for any of its properties for any reason.

    (k) The provisions of this section do not apply to properties administered by the city's economic and community development department, or under the control of any independent board or commission of the city.

    (Ord. No. 6701, § 1, 5-3-21)

  • Secs. 2-7-2-25. - Reserved.

    Fill out application below to start the purchasing process and email completed application to the City of Pine Bluff Clerks office at:


    Properties listed might have sold please check ownership info prior to application submittal using the
    Jefferson County Assessors Office Website.