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Q. Does the Street Department cut down trees that are located between the sidewalk and curb?

A.  The Street Department will assist in the removal of a tree when it is dead and is considered a possible public safety hazard. The property owner must call the Street Department and give the information needed for the Street Manager to check the seriousness of the hazard. Otherwise,
the property owner is responsible for the removal of any tree located between the sidewalk and curb as stated in the Code of Ordinances, Section 24-69 which reads as follows:

The street lawn constitutes vegetated easements or rights-of-way dedicated to public use which exist between lot lines and street pavement.  The upkeep and care of the street lawn shall be the responsibility of the owner or proprietor of property abutting thereon…

Q.  Who is responsible for repairing damage to curbs, gutters, or sidewalks?

A.  The property owner needs to call the Street Department office and give the location and type of damage. The Street Manager will then determine if the damage could be a public safety hazard. If such is the case, the Street Department will do the required repair. If the damage is not an immediate threat to public safety, the property owner is responsible for the repairs.  The Code of Ordinances, Section 24-62(a) reads as follows: the owner of any real property within the city is hereby required to maintain a sidewalk and curbing along such property between the property and street…

Q.  Will the Street Department pick up limbs off of personal property?

A.  The Street Department will pick up limbs that have fallen due to acts of nature if the property owner places them between the sidewalk and curb or in the ditch.  The property owner must then call the Street Department office and inform us of the location of such limbs. If the limbs have been intentionally cut down, the property owner should cut them into 36″ lengths, put them in bundles and put them out with their trash for Waste Management to pick up.

Q.  Will the Street Department pick up household garbage or large items to be thrown away?

 A.  For household garbage and large items such as furniture, appliances, etc., the property owner must call Waste Management of Arkansas at (870) 247-3747.  for large item, the property owner can call Waste Management for find out what days pick up will be available in their area.

Q.  Does the Street Department replace street lights that have gone out?

A.  The Street Department replaces traffic signal lights that have gone out, but not street lights. Entergy takes care of street light outages.  The toll free number for such outages is 1-800-968-8243 (For easier reference 1-800-9OUTAGE).

Some other services the Street Department provides for the citizens of Pine Bluff:

  1. Culvert sizing and installation–The property owner must call the Street Department office and give the address where the culvert is needed.  Someone from the Street Department will determine the correct pipe size needed and a crew will install the culvert, up to 24 feet maximum length only, and cover it with SB2 gravel or dirt (whichever the property owner chooses) at no cost to the owner.

  2. Pot hole patching.

  3. Cave-in repair–Due to public safety hazards, it is recommended that whenever a cave-in is noticed to property owner call the Street Department office as soon as possible.

  4. Ditch cleaning.

  5. Street sign maintenance.

  6. Storm sewer and catch basin cleaning.

  7. Street sweeping.

  8. Grass cutting - Roadside of the ditch only.

  9. Asphalt overlaying of streets–The Street Department has a prioritized overlay program each summer.  The program consists of a first priority and a second priority list.  If a citizen feels there is a street that needs to be overlaid, please call our office and let us know.  The Street Manager will determine if it will go on the first or second priority

To report any maintenance that needs to be done, we ask that citizens call our office at (870)543-5142.  We ask those calling to leave their name, the address repair is needed, and a phone number so that we can get back with them regarding the needed repair.